Neosurf Prepaid (AU)

Neosurf Prepaid (AU)

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Important Note:Neosurf Prepaid (AU) sold by SEA Gamer Mall only valid to check out with AUD currency.

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About Neosurf Prepaid AU (Australia)

Neosurf Prepaid AU is a simple, secure, easy, and convenient way of paying safely on the internet, without the need to enter a sensitive bank account or credit card. You don’t need to register or provide personal information and your Neosurf prepaid is ready to use immediately.

Neosurf prepaid cards or Neosurf vouchers are a good alternative to credit cards for online payments. Since you can only spend the amount of prepaid credit you purchased, you will never be able to spend more than what you already paid for. 

As such, overspending is not an issue! There are over 20,000 websites where Neosurf is accepted. 

Do I have to use the whole amount on my Neosurf card/voucher at once? 

No. You do not need to spend all your credit at one go. You can use part of the credit and save the rest of the balance for other purchases. 

Additionally, your Neosurf code does not expire and you will be able to use it when you wish. Do note that a small inactivity fee will be deducted from your balance every month after 1 year of the purchase of the card/voucher or 6 months after it is last used. 

How to check my Neosurf balance? 

You can head to the Neosurf website to check on your remaining credit. You will also be able to see your transaction history. 

What are you waiting for? Convenient, secure, discreet, Neosurf allows you to control your expenses while giving you freedom and flexibility. Neosurf is available in 10AUD, 20 AUD, 50AUD and 100 AUD on SEAGM.com. Get yours today!

How to redeem Neosurf Prepaid?

  1. Visit your favorite store or online service provider.
  2. Proceed to checkout.
  3. Select pay with Neosurf
  4. Enter your code to redeem.

Click here to refer the list of merchants that supports Neosurf Prepaid.

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    Love it
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    Good and fast service
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    Too long
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    I can not use the code number
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