About Omniheroes

Omniheroes is a heroic fantasy casual strategy RPG.
Dear Omniguardians, our world awaits your salvation! Through the darkness, rescue the captive Valkyries from the Demons and fight together against evil threatening the world!

Strategic Conquest

The Eternal Gate is open, allowing you to explore a new continent and experience fresh gameplay. Encounter new heroes on the Itheron continent, assist the Valkyries in reclaiming their lost artifacts. Write your unique adventure in the chapters of the Tome of Itheron.

Explore New Maps, Rise to New Challenges

-Season 0 is NOW live! Receive the blessing of the Eternal Ritual, strategize your team, get extra team buffs, crush your opponents, and tackle fresh challenges!

Assemble 100+ Legendary Heroes

-Behold as 100+ enchanting yet powerful heroes designed and modeled by top-tier graphical artists unleash spectacular skills in stylish 2D graphics.

Multiple Synergies for Versatile Battle

-Diverse synergies await your strategic guidance! Match more than 100 hero team comps at will and significantly stack powerful battle buffs by activating them, turn adversity to your advantage at the tip of your fingers, and conquer your enemies with one blow!

Dominate the Global PVP Arena

-Rally up your unbeatable team comps by crafting a flexible strategy and brawl with global players in fierce Arena battles. Immerse yourself in the splendid feast of wisdom and power while branding your name into the top global ranking by dominating your rivals!

Reap Infinite Guild Resources

-Join the guild with Omniguardians of various nationalities and challenge guild bosses together! Or perhaps you want something more hands-on? Test your luck on random chests and reap a heap of goodies to power up. Fortune will eventually smile upon you!

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