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Inke Live Diamonds

Inke Live Diamonds

  • Available Region China
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    $ 1.03
    SEAGM Credits 430
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About Inke Live

Inke live, one of the Chinese mobile app allowing users to watch live video broadcast on smartphones. The live broadcasting technology over its competitors with superior streaming quality, allowing its users to watch and broadcast their daily moments, lifestyles, and attitudes to the world. Also, Inke invites actors, musicians, journalists, and other influencers to broadcast themselves routinely on air and have all users fully experienced real-time interactions with today's top stars.

How to top-up Inke Live Diamonds?

  1. Enter your Inke User ID and select the top up amount.
  2. Check out and select your payment method.
  3. Once payment made, Inke Live Diamonds will top up manually by us into your Inke account.

How to find Inke ID?

  1. Please login to your account in the Inke Live App.
  2. Tap "My" in the bottom right corner.
  3. The Inke ID will be displayed under your nickname.