Razer Gold USD (US Wallet)

Razer Gold USD (US Wallet)

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Note: Razer Gold USD (US Wallet) can top up for Razer UNITED STATES Wallet (USD) ONLY.
Razer Gold USD (US Wallet) - Razer Gold USD 5 (US Wallet)
Razer Gold USD 5 (US Wallet)
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About Razer Gold - Razer Gold Pin

Razer Gold is one of the largest virtual credits for gamers worldwide. Get more value and benefits when you Pay with Razer Gold Pin US Dollar or reload your Razer Gold wallet.

SEAGM.com is the authorized online distributor for Razer Gold (Razer Pin). Buy Razer Gold Pin easily from us with over a hundred payment options, 24 hours customer support via Live Chat and instant digital delivery.

How to use direct top-up with Razer Gold PIN (US Wallet):

  1. You can top up by using Razer Gold PIN if the game supports Razer Pin direct top up as payment method.
  2. On the payment page, select Razer Gold PIN (or Direct Top-up).
  3. Depending on the game, it may require you to either insert your user id or to log in to your game account or enter your character information.

How to reload Razer Gold US Wallet with Razer Gold Pin USD:

  1. Access your Razer Gold account at https://gold.razer.com with your Razer ID and password.
  2. In the top menu, click GOLD, then click "Reload" and choose Razer Gold PIN.
  3. how to topup Razer Gold wallet with razer gold pin
  4. Enter your Razer PIN number and click "Next".
  5. how to topup Razer Gold wallet with razer gold pin
  6. Passed the reCAPTCHA validation.
  7. how to topup Razer Gold wallet with razer gold pin
  8. You have successfully reload your Razer Gold wallet with Razer Gold PIN. The receipt will be sent to your email which can be viewed at https://gold.razer.com/account-summary.

Reviews about Razer Gold USD (US Wallet)

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Avg Ratings5.00
  • yosafatmss
    why i cant use this pin code?
  • sidalisido
    Code PIN invalide (erreur 70657). Pour obtenir de l’aide, veuillez contacter l’assistance client avec la preuve d’achat de votre code PIN.
  • Sakinajamal
  • Sako44
  • boudreaux357jb1411840178
    Always fun